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first time we had chinese for a good couple of years first time using on line order this afternoon delivery time was 5 30 and on the dot the food was hot and very nice indeed

sarah hudson-2022-01-23 18:38:40

first time we had chinese for a good couple of years first time i ordered on line this afternoon delivery time was 5 30 on the dot food was hot and very nice indded

sarah hudson-2022-01-23 18:34:55

As usual great service amazing value for money and always on time This restaurant gets insanely busy so best to order early ordering later you run the risk of late delivery as the orders back up as they re only human

Nicky egerton-2021-03-27 08:52:41

This is another unacceptable mistake sweet and sour king prawns NO SWEET NSour sauce beggars belief 40 min late And not complete food luke warm the people of Wells relying on good honest delivery service why can t you deliver you take our hard earned money for a service you can only say I don t work in the kitchen says it all I advise everyone to pay on delivery after checking order as once you have paid they have your money

Annie Maidment-2020-10-22 20:54:39

We have bought form you for years but tonight the sauces were quite balnd and watery Sorry to leave negative feedback as normally awesome

Kate-2020-03-20 20:04:12

Ordered online at 18 00 To be delivered 19 15 Phoned 19 40 Cancelled order Hasn t even been cooked

KEVIN Folley -2019-12-31 19:45:31

Always good reliable delivery food lovely and hot

Jane -2019-09-14 18:43:21

I am annoyed Very annoyed This takeaway is 80 miles from home and far better than any of my local ones Delivered to our caravan site in good time and was hot and so tasty Highly recommended

Happy Camper-2019-08-24 09:49:33

Website gives a delivery time but you appear to have no intention of delivering at this time When I requested to speak to a manager Victoria just hangs up the line and hangs up again when I made a second call

Unhappy-2019-04-13 20:19:56

always great fast service and the food is always on point

Thomas-2019-03-17 19:30:00

Absolutely amazing xx yummy food decent portions always on time Really nice drivers thank You guys definately will recommend

Katarzyna-2018-10-30 16:49:14

Superb food once again the Special Chop Suey and Singapore Fried Rice was outstanding 2 very clean plates and my Mum said that the delivery driver was very nice

Paul-2018-01-13 18:24:07

Great Food Price and delivered on time I can t fault these guys I ve ordered many times and they never let me down the best Chinese in the area

Paul-2018-01-06 23:58:01

Arrived over an hour late called twice for updates and the person on the phone lied about when delivery would be made

Iain-2018-01-06 21:39:58

Excellent service this time round my opinions have changed remarkably

Zoh-2017-09-21 23:27:12

Excellent quality food large portions meat tender unlike the other Chinese in Wells Very friendly driver always polite and within estimated delivery time

Paul B-2017-08-28 19:15:49

Lovely caring staff and generous portions really really pleased Thank you

Happy hens-2017-08-19 19:26:24

Decent portion sizes really tasty food not cheap and nasty like others Worth every penny

Laura-2017-08-19 19:25:30

Lovely food wonderful staff

Jon-2017-08-19 19:24:01

How people can say worst place in Wells is beyond me I d say best I ve ever had And I m currently traveling Europe Orient express is always up to a high standard And the food does not take more than 2 hours to get to me If it did I m sure they be mortified as there a very reputable business with a high quality of service and food Great beef and mushrooms too

Zoe s -2017-08-19 19:19:03

Shredded beef from this place beats any other Chinese It s what it should be I ve recently been to a few other Chinese take aways round here and there shredded beef is burnt to a crisp Highly highly recommended orient express Wells

James & georgia-2017-08-19 19:15:03

Amazing Propa tasty food good service will definitely recommend 10 10

Ben -2017-08-19 19:12:12

Friendly staff friendly driver so polite and super tasty food

Naomi-2017-08-19 19:11:11

Incredible food and fantastic service extremely patient well mannered staff food takes around 45 1 hour Maybe even longer when they re busy it s well worth the wait and isn t rushed no good meal takes 10 minutes to cook and deliver its not a kebab house been coming here a few years and wouldn t go anywhere else The only thing I d like is more shredded beef Yummmmmmy Love it very happy customers from number seven The only thing I d question is the delivery charge fairplay to the friendly drivers but I d perhaps say the elderly disabled that don t drive or get out often don t really deserve that added charge onto there food bill

7 Alfred court -2017-08-19 19:08:29

The delivery person was fast and jolly really nice person and food

Bob-2017-06-27 18:17:31

Great food and really fast delivery Food fresh and ready to be eaten

Johnny-2017-06-27 18:16:35

the driver was very rude and didnt say thank you after being given a tip

harry-2017-05-05 19:27:44

Lovely food everytime

Gareth -2017-02-01 19:45:39

Dish was tasty not too bad


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